Carl-Henry-Make-Money-Online-get-paid-with-PayPalWhen creating a 2nd Income Online; To make money from your online business you need a method of receiving online payments. If you use Clickbank, Amazon, Click2Sell etc. they will collect the money and pay you. If you are selling your own products the best and quickest answer is to open a PayPal account.
Opening a PayPal account is straightforward, after you have opened your account you add a credit or debit card and a bank account so you will be able to make payments and withdraw money from PayPal as you make money.
PayPal allows you to create buttons that you place near your products or inside your shopping cart that when clicked take people directly to PayPal where they can make their purchase securely using a wide range of credit cards.
Another useful facility of PayPal is that you can send an email request for payments directly to your customer’s email address, this contains a link to enable them to make a secure payment directly into your PayPal account, this is particularly useful if you need to take an initial deposit or advance payment for off-line business.
If you are selling digital products it is possible to have PayPal send your customer back to a download page immediately after they have made their payment, so when you send traffic to your landing page, they click the pay now button and pay through the PayPal interface the delivery of the product is fully automated.
If for some reason the payment is not successful, then the customer not receive the product and can be redirected to a page explaining the situation and suggesting other actions or methods of payment.

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