Carl-Henry-Make-Money-Online-digital-productsWhen creating a 2nd Income Online; The principal activity of your online business is to make money by selling various products and possibly services (Yes I know that’s obvious but often setting up the system can take over most of the time).

An online business can sell any type of product and service including off-line businesses such as shops and restaurants.
Therefore; when designing your online business system, you need to establish your clear goals and objectives and what benefits you will provide to the customer. Using these goals, objectives and benefits you can then design the appropriate website and social media presence to attract the ideal prospect to your landing page.
When people buy online they will feel more comfortable if the initial purchase is as low cost as possible, if they can “try before they buy” it’s even better.
Ideally you have a series of offers which start with a (very) small commitment; then as the customer becomes more comfortable with you and your offers you can increase the value of the product or service you are selling. This demonstrates why having automatic follow-up emails is so powerful, if once they have make a first commitment to try or purchase, your follow-up emails gradually offer other products or services with increasing prices.
The Internet is ideal to be selling digital products, eBooks or software that can be downloaded directly from your website immediately the sale is completed, this makes the sales process fully automated so you can focus on marketing.
As discussed above; you need several products starting at a small price ($5 to $10) and then at various levels up to $197 or more – these are to be used to ‘up-sell’ to your customers after they know, like and trust you and your judgment. There are several sources of existing products where you can earn an affiliate commission such as Clickbank, we will start with Clickbank as it is the longest established and most reliable. Open a Clickbank account now…,
Another product type is the paid for newsletter or membership site, quite often subscribers will be attracted by offering them the first month for as little as one dollar so they can sample your content with virtually no risk.

The benefit of them paying a small amount of money is that they have already given you their payment information so that if they continue to pay the subscription in the second and subsequent months you will automatically receive the full amount due. Again this will succeed or fail depending on the quality of the information you provide.

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