I have just bought this training course called "Facebook Traffic Rush" and I can't recommend it more highly - it will save you at least a year of research, trial & error! It's a comprehensive online training course that teaches how to drive traffic to any offer using Facebook paid advertising.

Easy Steps

It's broken down into 38 steps, the initial ones are ideal if it's all completely new to you showing all the basic actions you should take, such as opening a Facebook account and creating a Facebook page, then it get's into to advanced topics, focused on advert targeting (15 Modules) - these are the most targeted adverts available anywhere in the world today! There are so many great ideas you will need to go over everything several times!

Download Videos & Documents

Each step contains one or more videos that can be viewed online or downloaded and watched offline, with a written version of the  lesson in PDF format that can be downloaded.

There is something for everyone from beginner to advanced user.

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